...These rival many of the top brands that I have used, both organic and non.

In the vast sea of face creams and serums I have opted for the big name brands, but in the end, it's all about results. Being new to Earth Product Essentials line, I was incredibly pleased with their CBD Night Cream and CBD Day Cream. The Night Cream is rich and soothing without being heavy, it has an almost whipped texture with a subtle hint of citrus that readily blends into the skin. It's rare that I find a beauty product that I actually seek out in my cabinet, because I love wearing it, vs a task as part of my beauty regime. I have noticed a marked improvement in hydration, tone, and suppleness of my skin. Organic, incredibly affordable, pleasurable to wear, gender neutral (my boyfriend wears it), with visible results, I felt compelled to write a review. These rival many of the top brands that I have used, both organic and non. This is a new "favorite", that I am recommending and gifting to friends.

Meghan from Brooklyn, NY

I absolutely love the products I have tried!

I absolutely love the products I have tried! The day and night face cream leaves my face feeling so soft all day! I noticed my pores are smaller and my skin is all evenly one color!!! The body serum works great especially for my hands that dry out easily from work and always cleaning. It doesn’t leave an oily/greasy residue once the product is in your skin. I have sensitive skin and does not leave my skin irritated or cause any rashes or breakouts after use. You don’t need to use a lot of the product so a little goes a long way, so you definitely get your moneys worth! I can’t wait for more products to come out!! I definitely recommend this to everyone! Will be buying more once I run out!

Kristen from Jacksonville, FL

Love the way Earth Products Essentials products feels on my skin!

Love the way Earth Products Essentials products feels on my skin! I have seen a Noticeable difference in a very short period. Only need a very small amount of product and most importantly, it’s all natural!

Nicole from Sicklerville, NJ

All the products in this line are all unique...

All the products in this line are all unique and individually do what they are set out to do plus more! The night time and daytime creams are so moisturizing... after 1 month of staying consistent, I can walk around make up free and be truly proud of my skin. I am so impressed with the results I see even on a weekly basis.

The best part is it is never sticky after application and dries in seconds! I really love putting on right after a bath or shower! Thank you for the amazing products as always.

Gianna from Winslow Twp, NJ

A little goes a long way...

Earth Products Essentials Day and Night cream are such good products. The cream is rich without feeling heavy or greasy. I love the smell... its sweet with a hint of citrus, so invigorating. A little goes a long way so the sample boxes have made a great gift. My girlfriends all loved it.

Louise from Hammonton, NJ

...my skin has never looked so good.

All-Natural Products that work! I use the full regimen and my skin has never looked so good. The day cream works as my moisturizer and primer under my make-up. But I have to say the product I’m most addicted to is the body serum!!! My skin glows and is unbelievably soft... it even works great in my hair.

Lori from Sicklerville, NJ

I love these moisturizers! ...no added chemicals or preservatives.

I have been using both the day and night creams for about a year now. I love these moisturizers! First and foremost I use them because I know there are no added chemicals or preservatives. Since I became aware of all the questionable ingredients in the average face and body moisturizers, I couldn’t believe how hard it was to find something that’s pure. Well, I found it, and I love it! The day and night creams are all I use anymore. Just a heads up, for those that wear makeup, let the day cream absorb and dry for about 15 minutes before putting in makeup. It will go on so smoothly!

Christy from Ventnor, NJ

Thank you EPE... creating something organic and natural that actually works!

Thank you EPE for taking a stand in this world that filled with chemical laden products and creating something organic and natural that actually works! Finding these products was a true answer to prayer! I began using the vegan line. I am amazed at the results! I truly love all of these products not to mention the people who run this company really care about their products and the people that use them! I highly recommend these products to everyone!

Lauren from Flemington, NJ

...Very pleased with the Day and Evening Creams

I have been very pleased with the Day and Evening Creams. My skin is extremely oily, but these products do not make my face any oilier. In fact, even though these creams are not specified as an under-eye cream for wrinkles or fine lines, I find these products are helping in that area too! I am also finding that I don’t have to wear foundation as often as I previously did. I have more confidence in my skin now. I also used the skin oil on my legs and arms, and they really glowed, but again, they were not oily. The “oil” soaked in to my skin in a matter of a minute or two. I could get dressed right away. While I do not have any issues with dry lips, the lip balm is really great! I love the way it makes my lips feel and look. And it is starting to reduce a little bump I have had in the corner of my mouth for a long time now!

Kathleen from Mays Landing, NJ

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